Hyperguarding your Web Applications

Danger. Danger, Will Robinson! (enough with the panic, please)

Posted by hyperguard on October 13, 2009

The sky is not falling on cloud computing because of the Microsoft Danger / Sidekick fiasco (sorry John D., even end-user license agreements aren’t going to hold back cloud adoption). All this hubbub is good for the industry, even if it’s sparking radical pundits on both sides. The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (CCIF) member Reuven Cohen sums it up well. If you haven’t read his full comment, here’s the important part:

“Let me remind you that failures happen and it happen all the time. There are whole groups at major manufacturers devoted to it, on purpose. Whether it’s on your desktop, in your data center or in the cloud. To fail is human. But to be prepared is noble.”

Being prepared to adopt new technology means different things to people. Is your cloud provider being transparent with bugs, glitches, etc? Do you have provider options (Google, Amazon, DISA’s RACE)? How is your data handled and protected? Is the cloud application security up to you or does your provider take care of everything?


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