Hyperguarding your Web Applications

60 Minutes & IT Security???

Posted by hyperguard on November 9, 2009

Yes, last night, CBS (Steve Croft) looked at IT threats to the government and public infrastructure. Stories most of us know by hart – electrical grid, government network, etc. – were covered quite well. Lot’s of people are talking about the importance of mainstream media finally looking at this issue. Data Security Podcast for example.

There have been discussions of tainted thumb drives used by government employees, however, the application side is much more of an issue – particularly with major systems looking at cloud computing as a way to reduce costs for running such systems. Web application security is at the heart of this issue.

Security is and has always been about layers, and this is underlined by applications being moved to the cloud. Traditional software is exposed like never before and often cannot be patched ‘in real-time’ to accommodate actual security needs. One layer that fills this void is a WAF. Rather than a replacement for secure developing, a WAF is able to defend the cloud application until a patch can be made, tested and deployed.


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