Hyperguarding your Web Applications

You Could Fall Victim to a Phishing Attack

Posted by hyperguard on December 10, 2009

As stated in the OWASPs guide, phishing attacks are one of the highest visibility problems for banking and e-commerce sites because they have the potential to destroy a customer’s credit rating and livelihood.  Needless to say, this is a major concern.  To make matters worse, a recent report by Trusteer states that on average 12.5 users out of 1 million accidently access a phishing website, while this number may seem relatively small, it isn’t for banks.  They lose about $2.4-9.4 million annually.  In addition, 45% of bank customers who are redirected to a phishing site divulge their personal credentials—wow!  This report proves just how important it is for banks to use a WAF.

A WAF will detect the linking of third party websites to the legit web application and initiate counter-measures. This detection can also be carried out dynamically by only blocking access once a specific number of requests have occurred.

Trusteer’s data was compiled by measuring live phishing attacks from their Rapport browser plug-in.   Read the report in its entirety or check out ZDNet or The Tech Herald for additional commentary.

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