Hyperguarding your Web Applications

U.S. the World’s Dirtiest Web-Hosting Country?

Posted by hyperguard on February 12, 2010

According to a recent Sophos report, this is true—the United States hosted nearly 40% of the world’s infected websites.  Graham Cluley blogs on the year-long study, which examines the top 10 countries hosting malware on the web, and passing on virus infections to computer users.   The company warns U.S. hosts to clean up their act by taking better care and weeding out malicious websites in their supervision.  It is also recommended that webmasters ensure their sites are securely coded and properly patched against hackers who are trying to inject malicious software into their pages.

Another recommendation we’d like to make to webmasters is installing a distributed Web application firewall (dWAF) for added protection—using one will shield applications from attacks.  Since dWAFs are flexible it allows protection levels to be easily tightened iteratively without risk of unwanted exposure or blocking to the application being shielded; and ‘detection only mode’ to test new rule-sets withough actually enforcing them alongside with existing, proven rule-sets.  This allows webmasters to develop, test and apply patches with minimal disruption to the network without ever relaxing the established defenses or risking false positives—particularly helpful for 40% U.S. web hosts.

Check out the Sophos report in its entirety or Graham’s commentary.

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