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dWAF as SaaS available through GoGrid

Posted by hyperguard on March 3, 2010

We recently announced hyperguard SaaS—the industry’s first cloud-based dWAF is available on the GoGrid Cloud. hyperguard SaaS Standard is the first of several service levels to be rolled out, and it offers users Web application security monitoring, detection-only and protection modes. With a SaaS delivery model, customers have the freedom to pay on a use-case basis and avoid having to invest in owning and maintaining a solution themselves.

GoGrid customers are able to access the solution by simply deploying a GoGrid Partner Server Image (GSI) with hyperguard SaaS installed. By integrating a dWAF right into a virtual image and hosted as a SaaS, customers overcome the false sense of security created by traditional network perimeter security strategies which fail at the application level.

For additional information and details the promotion to test the service http://gogrid.artofdefence.com.

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