Hyperguarding your Web Applications

Weekly Industry Round-up, Week of 3/15

Posted by hyperguard on March 19, 2010

The Wisdom of Clouds Blog…
Is a Legal Challenge to the Cloud Inevitable?
After attending the Cloud Connect conference, James Urquhart got a sense of the opinions and concerns of cloud customers and its vendor community. He said it appears that more and more applications will leverage public clouds, and that a large number of enterprises will adopt those services for certain classes of applications as early as 2013. James said that adoption of cloud seems to be exceeding the ability of legal council to evaluate the liabilities that the cloud introduces to enterprise IT.

The Cloud’s Three Key Issues Come into Focus
In this post, David Linthicum discusses 3 issues that become clear at the Cloud Connect conference. The first is common definitions; everyone is defining the same cloud computing concepts, such as private, public, hybrid, community, virtualization and multi-tenancy, a bit differently.  The second is standards—although there is a push for standards in the world of cloud computing, there is no detailed guidance. Finally there is security. We know that clouds need to be secure and progress has been made with the Cloud Security Alliance, but there is still more work to be done.

What are the Most Underrated Security Technologies?
Bill Brenner looks at some of the techniques and related technologies that are considered underrated in the security industry. The first being whitelisting—application security is something companies increasingly worry about with the number of business and personal apps increasing. Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are among the technologies designed to reduce the risk of hackers. One of the more overlooked features of the technology is whitelisting, the art of allowing only traffic known to be valid to pass through the gate, providing an external input validation shield over the application.


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