Hyperguarding your Web Applications

Weekly Industry Round-up, Week of 3/29

Posted by hyperguard on April 2, 2010

Infonetics Research…
Security SaaS Market Worth the Hype: Up 70% in 2009
According to a recent Infonetics report, the security services market is strong and growing. The reasons for this include increasing global demand from organizations due to the proliferation of security threats of all types, the complexity of current security solutions, widespread use of diverse devices and the desire of product manufacturers and service providers to add recurring revenue and improve margins. Jeff Wilson says strong interest in and broad availability of software-as-a-service (SaaS) security offerings will help drive growth in the overall managed security services market over the next few years.

Plug Into the Cloud…
Why Multitenancy Matters in the Cloud
Alok Misra discusses the debate in the software industry over whether multitenancy is a prerequisite for cloud computing. Those considering cloud applications should care about this issue because multitenancy is the most direct path to spending less and getting more from a cloud application. Alok says it’s a matter of simple revenue and cost economics of cloud services. Multitenancy spreads the cost of the infrastructure and labor across the customer base—customers sharing resources right down to the database schema is ideal for scaling.

Dark Reading…
Organizations Rarely Report Breaches to Law Enforcement
This Kelly Jackson Higgins article says most organizations hit by breaches that don’t require public disclosure don’t call in law enforcement—they consider it an exposure risk, with little chance of their gaining any intelligence from investigators about the attack. The FBI says they will protect the privacy and data of victim organizations. They will share what information it can from its investigation, rather than continue with the mostly one-way sharing that organizations traditionally have experienced when dealing with the FBI.


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