Hyperguarding your Web Applications

art of defence Integrates hyperguard with WhiteHat Sentinel

Posted by hyperguard on April 29, 2010

We recently announced a partnership with WhiteHat Security to integrate hyperguard and the WhiteHat Sentinel website vulnerability management service. Enterprises, web hosting and cloud service providers are able to mitigate risk across any production website. Ideal for the unique cloud computing environment, customers can combine WhiteHat Sentinel’s SaaS-based website vulnerability management capabilities with art of defence’s software-based dWAF for a highly-targeted vulnerability remediation solution that enables organizations to obtain quick, easy protection from Web application attacks.

Companies that use both solutions will be able to take advantage of “virtual patching” functionality and mitigate website vulnerabilities quickly, limiting exposure to exploits.¬†Depending on the severity level, administrators of hyperguard are able to implement a specific rule-set suggestion into protection mode immediately or test it first in ‘detect only’ mode. As a result, they always maintain control over hyperguard’s detect or protect settings, preventing accidental blocking of good Web traffic. hyperguard’s entire architecture was carefully designed to ensure that it can be integrated as flexibly and seamlessly as possible into existing security and Web infrastructures, including cloud-based services, with no disruptions or interference in service.

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