Hyperguarding your Web Applications

Weekly Industry Round-up, Week of 5/3

Posted by hyperguard on May 7, 2010

Bank Info Security…
Tippett’s Top 10 Security Predictions
In this post, Peter Tippett, head of Verizon’s information security team says security protection in the next 10 years will become more effective and widespread. Peter shared his 2010 predictions and some of them were quite interesting. Threats will emerge that we haven’t thought of yet, and we will need to find new ways to beat the cyber criminals, but the overall security climate will get better. He also predicts that more security services will become part of the cloud, and many of the basics will be included in the pipe. Software-as-a Service (SaaS) and numerous, diverse cloud services will dominate the software, storage, and computer-platform delivery models. Providers will provide better security features and controls than the current excess of diverse and individually deployed enterprise systems.

Cloud Computing is More Secure than You Think
There has been debate on whether cloud services are sophisticated enough to handle mission-critical applications reliably and securely. Roger Grimes says they are, and choosing one or more cloud service could actually reduce expense and security risks for the average company. He says most of the computer security problems we’ll face in the future will be similar today’s threats, but it will take a new amount of effort to contain the problem and apply the fix.

Rational Survivability…
Dear SaaS Vendors: If Cloud Is The Way Forward & Companies Shouldn’t Spend $ On Privately-Operated Infrastructure, When Are You Moving Yours To Amazon Web Services?
Chris Hoff discusses how Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors often say that infrastructure is irrelevant, and that cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way we consume computing resources. However, many SaaS providers continue to build their software and choose to run it in their own datacenters on their own infrastructure. He feels it is hypocritical for SaaS vendors to convince others to move their software when they haven’t done the same.


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