Hyperguarding your Web Applications

Free dWAF Evaluation for Breach Security Customers and Partners

Posted by hyperguard on June 25, 2010

Following the recent Trustwave and Breach Security acquisition, we will be providing Breach customers with a free evaluation of our distributed Web application firewall (dWAF) solution, hyperguard.   Interested parties can trial the dWAF as a SaaS through Amazon Web Services (AWS) or download a software plug-in directly from our website.  We are offering this for those who seek a future-proof solution to satisfy their immediate WAF needs.  The solution is capable of supporting all future virtualization or cloud-based plans.  hyperguard provides:

  • Application security monitoring for customers to understand the risk and exposure of their web and cloud applications to known attacks at the application layer without hyperguard interfering with web traffic.
  • ‘Detection only mode’ allows rule-sets to be tested but not enforced, alongside with rule-sets in ‘protection mode’ that enforce already proven security policies without ever relaxing the established defenses or risking false positives.
  • hyperguard SaaS is also ideal for companies relying, or thinking about using, cloud services e.g. for application overflow resources.

AWS customers can access hyperguard SaaS by simply adding a small software plug-in to an existing web server Amazon Machine Image (AMI), or by using art of defence’s custom AMI.


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