Hyperguarding your Web Applications

Weekly Industry Round-up, Week of 6/28

Posted by hyperguard on July 2, 2010

SC Magazine…
Universityof Maine Student Data Exposed
Hackers have compromised two University of Maine servers that were hosting personal and clinical information of more than 4,500 students who received counseling services in the last eight years. The first server was breached at the beginning of March, and the intruders used the newly gained information to compromise the second one. Methods employed to carry out the attacks successfully have not been disclosed and it is unclear whether the data was viewed or downloaded.

IT World…
15 Must-Listen Podcasts for Security Pros
Security researcher at SecureState, Matt Neely, shares with us how he stays informs and on top of trends in this ever-changing security world. The two primary tools he uses are security podcasts and Twitter. Check out his post for background on the security podcasts he listens. Stay tuned, in a future post he’ll be discussing how he uses Twitter to keep in touch with the security community and stay on top of emerging trends.

The Register…
The cloud’s impact on security?
Tony Lock of UK analyst house, Freeform Dynamics describes his recent research that looks at security and how fast cloud computing models are being adopted. Research shows that mass adoption of the hosted service cloud model is a long way off, and that the internal, dynamic IT model may come sooner than we think; Tony says we have virtualization to thank for that. Read Tony’s article for the potential security challenges and how to tackle them.


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