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Weekly Industry Round-up: Week of 11/16

Posted by hyperguard on November 20, 2009

CSO Online…
The Cloud Security Survival Guide
This article by Bill Brenner provides a collection of articles, columns and audio to help IT security practitioners and companies that are increasingly dependent on cloud services. Defining Cloud Security: 6 Perspectives, Cloud Computing: Make the Right Choices, and Why Security Pros Have Their Heads in the Cloud are just some of the pieces worth looking into.

Andy IT Guy…
Building a Security Program from the Ground Up
In this post, Andy asks readers to think about what would be the first and second thing that they would implement if they were starting a new position and had full say on building a security program. Andy says if he were in that position, the first thing he would implement is a monitoring system to have some insight into what is going on. Once that was in place he would implement a Vulnerability Management program that starts with Application and OS patching and then focus on the scanning, testing, exploiting etc.  As that is being rolled out he would work on getting a good Security Awareness Training program to help users understand the risks. What would you do?

Dark Reading…
Microsoft Report: Worms Rise, New Vulnerabilities Decline
In this article, Kelly Jackson Higgins discusses Microsoft’s latest report, which states that worms are on the rise as new vulnerabilities decline. Version 7 of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report (SIR) found that worms are now the number two threat, behind Trojans. It also found that the total number of reported vulnerabilities in the industry decreased by nearly 30 percent from the second half of ’08, with fewer than 2,500 new vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of this year versus over 3,000 in the last half of last year.

Tech News World…
Certified Ethical Hacker: Not Your Everyday Job
This post by Ryan Corey discusses how some hackers are in the business of improving security. Certified Ethical Hackers are paid by companies and government agencies to test their computer systems against the sort of attacks “the bad guys” often attempt to pull off. These Certified Ethical Hackers play a serious role in the prevention of malevolent cyberattacks on businesses, government and military. As the potential threat toward any network, server or database is always a possibility; the profession of ethical hacking can grow.


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