Hyperguarding your Web Applications

CSA and Use Cases

Posted by hyperguard on February 5, 2010

art of defence’s Alex Meisel and Georg Hess contributed to the recent Cloud Security Alliance paper—Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing v2.  The CTO and CEO are excited to have helped write the application security domain (no. 13).

Application Security (Domain no. 13) Premise:

Cloud environments — by virtue of their flexibility, openness, and often public availability — challenge many fundamental assumptions about application security.  Some of these assumptions are well understood; however many are not. This section is intended to document how Cloud Computing influences security over the lifetime of an application — from design to operations to ultimate decommissioning. This guidance is for all stakeholders — including application designers, security professionals, operations personnel, and technical management — on how to best mitigate risk and manage assurance within Cloud Computing applications.

At RSA, the company will be extending these thoughts, along with the dWAF (distributed web application firewall) concept, as use cases.  These use cases will include practical applications that companies deploy for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.  Stay tuned for more details and a download link!

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